By Your Side Appointment Menu

Hello BYSer! Here is a menu of appointments with Angela Rae Clark just for you! We can tap, talk, tone, pray, channel, and move energy in whatever way works for you! Are you new to BYS? Give tapping a try – it can transform you! I love it and was born to do this work! As coaches we all agreed to keep our 30 minute sessions at $50 – so give us a try and learn what coaching can do for you!

Several Options and Packages = Lots of Choice!

POWER PACK: 4 Hour Long Sessions – essentially 240 minutes to be used any way that works for your schedule.

TRANSFORMATION PACK: 26 Hour Long Sessions to be used in 6 months (ish) – we start off with weekly sessions and then begin spreading them out – you have a full year to use this package up if needed. Being a member of BYS gets you more than 50% off this amazing package. Limited slots available.

Here are links to be able to set up recurring appointments with Acuity and Stripe. It is super easy! And if you don’t get your appointment used, it rolls over to the next month.

Monthly One Hour Recurring Session – One hour each month to help me remember my goals, my strengths, my JOY.

Monthly 2 One Hour Recurring Sessions – One just isn’t enough, so sign me up for 2 each month!

Monthly Half Hour Recurring Session – I have learned so much already and I still like to have some support implementing Train Your Brain, Emotional Freedom, and feeling good into my day-to-day life.

For purchasing single session appointments or to book a team coaching.– For the occasional appointment or the curious By Your Sider – 30 or 60 min sessions.

I have a blast giving support and encouragement to YOU! Let’s rock your business and your life, Train Your Brain style!