Kind Words

I find inspiration and love in each story of yours. It is an honor to have witnessed your process. This is the best job in the world! I love each person that comes my way.

Angela is a gracious and wise gift.
“Angela is gracious, heart-centered and wise. She so quickly and easily puts you at ease, and has remarkable intuition. I always emerge from times with Angela feeling hopeful, heard, supported and encouraged.” Carrie M.

Loved my time with Angela.
“Angela did a taping session with me via Skype. She brought something up I had not thought of. I felt much better after our session.” Sylvie D.


Quick pain relief.
“When I left you Saturday morning my right hip was still sore, but by the end of the day I had forgotten about it, and it has not hurt since. I thought only a chiropractic adjustment could clear it up. Not so. Thanks so much for your good work!” – T.W.

“Your quick response to my urgent need for Reiki treatments on the knee I hurt in an accidental fall made it possible for me to go on my planned hiking trip to South America.” – J.B.

“After five days of skiing, I came home with severe micro-tears and inflammation of both knees. I grudgingly tried Reiki as a favor to a friend, and was amazed at both the immediate effect and the ongoing improvement. The session helped with the psychological trauma as well as the physical, and I credit Angela for her patience and expertise.” – D.R.


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