Tools to Heal Yourself

Some of you know that I took a 5 week trip to the west and a few of you were insanely jealous (of course in a healthy way! 🙂

Here is the Red Ant Dance story!

On the way home, I was tired and found myself deciding to spend the night in this rustic campground in Monument Valley, UT. I was the ONLY camper because this was May 5th and nights are still a bit chilly. The red sand had called to my bare feet and it was in this campground that I was able to satisfy their longing to dig in. My feet were delighted to be in the soft, warm sand while I was re-packing my car. I was just about done making my bed (in the car) when I noticed a tickling sensation on my left foot. I looked down and started dancing! There were at least a dozen red ants exploring my foot! Yikes! Thankfully, they came off easily as I danced my way to my shoes. My toes had been digging into the top of their ant hill!


As night time descended upon me and my cell phone with no reception (and an army of red ant ghosts crawling up my legs!), I had my 5 year-old monkey mind come out to chatter with me. All sorts of doubts about this being a good idea came out. Over and over I squashed them with thoughts of the magnificent sun rise that would greet me with these beautiful monuments. The night sky was my first reward. With very few lights in the area, the stars were captivating.



The tapping mantra “I am safe and protected” also got some mileage! There were a few homes nearby and plenty of barking dogs – which begged the question “What the heck are they barking at?”

While it was a bit overcast the next morning, it was an amazing experience to open my eyes to such extraordinary natural beauty!

As I drove down the highway that morning I cheered because I had faced a fear and reaped the joy of accomplishment.  What fear did you face and conquer recently? Please share your joy of accomplishment in our comment section below!


2 Responses to Tools to Heal Yourself

  1. Me says:

    Whoa! Did you get some peyote?
    Just kidding… Sounds free, spirited and exactly what I would like to do! Except for the ants.
    You are a brave woman!

  2. Me says:

    Oh Yeah, I am a bit jealous, no! I mean envious. That’s better, right?
    Envy is desire.
    I desire travel…keep it up blessed friend.

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