Munay-Ki Rites – Inquire if interested.

The Munay-Ki today refers to the Shamanic practice of handing down nine rites of initiation that originate from the ancient Inca people. Each rite provides an opportunity to heals a different aspect of Self. This practice honors that our healing ripples out to others in our lives and the world.

Munay-Ki, literally translates to “I love you” and, “Be as thou art” in Quechua, an ancient Incan language of the Andes in Peru. In brief, what this means is that to truly love the self, we must be what we are meant to be.

The Munay-Ki provides us the opportunity for a quantum leap in our evolution. The nine rites are groups of energetic transmissions directly into the Luminous Energy Field, or the aura.

Alberto Villoldo is a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has worked closely with the Laika tribe—those who have brought this process into present time. In 2006, they taught him this transmission, and he has since founded the Four Winds Society for training Shamans. It is since then that the Munay Ki has been offered throughout North America and Europe. The intention is that those who accept the gift will go on to initiate others in this giant leap in our evolution based on perfect love.

The Principles of Daily Living of the Munay Ki are non-violence, truthfulness, integrity, moderation and generosity.

This is a nine-week class. No classes are currently scheduled.


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