The Ki Inside – Tools for Healing and Happiness

The Ki Inside is a healing arts practice interested in VISIBLE Changes that begin from inside you. While the inner work that we do is not visible, it does create exterior change. AngelaRaeClarkHeadShotInner peace and freedom reflects in your presence, smile, and attitude about living and being your best self.

I am committed to sharing tools and resources that you can use on your own to maintain health and well-being. Connecting with your Innate Wisdom, or True Self, is the key to the Living in Freedom and Joy.

Here is a brief video of Tapping: Tap in Love with Angela


Come and experience the lightness and freedom that energy healing has to offer you! Appointments and consultations can be done via telephone, Skype, Zoom or in my office. Book your appointment today:

CURRENT EFT CLASS REGISTRATION in Grand Junction, CO – Sat Oct 21 at   Yoga West Studio, 1025 Main St. from 4:30-6:30


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